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Lynda Kharece Richson

Beautiful platform. Am glad to be a part of the nation, taking the word of God to the ends of the world


great to be here

Kateba Mikel


Am glad to be part of this blessfull platform

Kateba Mikel

Am soo glad to be part of the great nation.

Grace Agwang

It motivates an influencer to really help in the propagation of the gospel. Lets make good use of it.

Grace Agwang

Its really an inspirational platform.

Kaleb Mark

What a beautiful platform!!!😍🥰🎊✅

Grace Agwang

Glorrrrry.... We have moved from grace to graces.

Grace Agwang


Grace Agwang

Awesome it is to be here.

Slava kimova

Hi you can't pray for me please good blessing you Chris

Amal Solomon

I am not able to download the app in my phone please help

Edward Obahiagbon


Josephine sampa

Shalom from Zambia 🇿🇲,Where do l start from?

Paea Paitela

Glory be to God

Takang Meroline

Am happy to be here

Precious Daka

I need the August book

Awesome Ben

Thank you for the training


Thank you Esteemed Pastor Sir. The mandate is surpassed by the power of the Holy Ghost.


thank you Sir. we want reach PHILIPPINES.

Tukei Imeldah

Am super excited to be here


Great thanks to be part of this ! Thanks a lot Sir!

Duke Olokpa

Great pleasure to be here.


I really appreciate the men of God. God bless you more

Chinonye chukwu

I'm so happy to be hear


I need the July book

Fatu Nene

Iam so happy to be here

Ijeoma Onyewuchi

Thank Jesus

Sheldon Tyrell Ndlovu

Praise the Lord

Blessing Namataka


chukwu orlando richard

God is faithful.

Ukamaka Onwueyiagba

I'm grateful to God and Pastor Chris for this opportunity to be a rapsody influencer

Fallé hilaire


Divouri nziengui arlethy

La prière d'hier avec le pasteur Chris ma fait dû bien vraiment gloire à dieu je libre et délivré des toute les douleur que j'avais bien avant merci seigneur Jésus Christ Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏




Prier pour moi et ma femme pour a voire des enfant

หญิง ตลับเพ็ชร

Could I receive a prayer?

Ogiefo ehis

Lagos Nigeria

tamko Désiré

De gloire en gloire je m'en vais

Corretta SA

Good morning from Zambia

Elijah Umoren

No connection ,

Emmanuel mulenga

We are called to go in the all world to preach the gospel... And am grad that am one of them through Jesus who strengthens me.. glorrrrrrrrrry be to God

Babul Naitong


Israel Asan's


Naveed Hussain


Ohajiri Monica

Good afternoon

Justin ojadi

Am glad to be an influencer of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ through the ROR.

Pastor Fortune Nwankwo

Please advise me on how to redeem my pledge.

Ehiogheren Godisable

I'm privilege to here

Kavita Pitrola


Evelyn Brown

Am a partner

Jeffrey Chilotam Onyema

Thank God for this platform to spread the gospel. I cannot but subscribe to God's inspired idea to spread the gospel and win souls for Christ. This is a winning wand. Thank you Pastor Chris. May God continue to strengthen and bless you for this love mandate.


God is Great

Dugbazah Deladem

God is great ..... Heaven and earth shall pass away ...... For the word of God is life and hope to us all

Eric Dogbey Kwame

Thank God for the privilege of making it possible for me to dine with the chosen ones destined to inherit the God's Kingdom.


It’s the heavenly manna in the kingdom of God

Daud m. Ally

I will praysing every day our GOD FOR their grace to my live

Elishiabest chisenga

Glory to God, the LORD is my beginning and the end of my life.

Yussuf white




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